Desert Rhythm Project

Reggae, Funk, Roots, Soul


The minute that you try and put Michael Reyes and Bryanna Evaro’s Desert Rhythm Project in a genre box, they will bust right out of it.  I have attempted to myself, and failed.  They consistently and delightfully blow past expectations and teach listeners the difference between noise and sound.  Their neo-roots, Marley inspired, So Cal Reggae flavor will penetrate your neuro system with whatever delivery system they choose, be it a sprinkling of funk, hip-hop, rock or pure roots rhythm, Desert Rhythm Project creates a full-flavored new world music platter that is uniquely theirs and theirs alone.  It is a gift to those who have been fortunate enough to bear witness to it as will testify anyone in the audience of their most recent performance at Joshua Tree Music Festival.  Michael Reyes and his soul mate, Bryanna Evaro, have enough music in themselves individually to flood the low and high deserts.  Together, there is a beautiful kind of magic. 
Evaro comes from a family that has become legend here in the desert.  With a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Fame, I’ve often wondered what was in their drinking water that could permeate three generations of indelible music and beauty. There is a quiet, earthy grace about Bryanna.  On stage, however, strapped into her bass, she is the goddess of all that is cool, fierce and funky.  Her voice, like butter, adds melty harmonies but on its own, can also pack a wonderfully powerful punch. “I love that I am able to play and write music alongside Michael,” shared Evaro. “He never ceases to amaze me. Our styles are so different but that’s what makes it so much fun. It’s nice to step out of my comfort zone, learn new techniques, and write music that maybe I would have never written.”  Reyes would be the first to tell you how deeply vital Evaro is to his music and his life. 
                                                                                                                                                      - Lisa Lynn Morgan
Mikey Reyes @ The Joshua Tree Music Festival

Mikey Reyes @ The Joshua Tree Music Festival

The standout on Saturday was the Desert Rhythm Project, headed by Mikey Reyes on guitar and Bryanna Evaro on bass—who happened to strap a knife onto her calf. The Desert Rhythm Project shared a great funky, reggae, desert mishmash sound.Not to be outdone by Bryanna Evaro, 3rd Ear Experience a brought sword-wielding belly-dancer. As the sun began to set, people held hands, watching the sun before everyone migrated to the Boogaloo Stage.
— CV Independent - Live Joshua Tree Music Festival
Keeping things elevated, local favorites The Desert Rhythm Project kept the party going at full speed as they cruised into the terrains of rock, funk, soul and reggae.
— Tom Dellinger "Grimy Goods"
These two. Where do I even begin?! I first met Mikey and Bryanna last April at the F10 Block Party, I heard them play a live set, chatted for awhile and rocked a beautiful hand made flower headband made by Bryanna herself! They are the type of people that instantly make you feel comfortable and during my first few weeks in the desert that experience was something I will never forget. Their music and love for each other is untouchable, you can truly see the connection they have when they play not to mention how insanely good they are. The Acoustic Movement plays acoustic music with reggae and funk undertones, it’s soulful and fun and their lyrics are not only beautiful but relatable. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Mikey and Bryanna, I encourage you to join us for their performance tonight 3/19 at Birba from 7-930pm! You can check out some of their music here - Hold Me Now, Twisted and Our Place are some of my favorites!! More below!
— The F Word
The name Mikey Reyes is synonymous with local reggae music. His band Soul Opus has performed to capacity crowds in numerous venues throughout the Coachella Valley. Now Mikey has formed a more expansive project dubbed Mikey Reyes’ Acoustic Movement, a neo roots reggae approach to acoustic music. The base of the band is Mikey on vocals and guitar, his lovely romantic companion Bryanna Evaro on bass and vocals and the accomplished Pedro Cancino on drums and vocals. They perform on a monthly basis at Hamilton’s Sports Bar & Grill in La Quinta. You can usually catch them on the last or second to last Saturday of the month. Joining them from time to time are Giselle Woo, Bobby Nicholls and Bryanna’s sister Shavaughn Evaro.
— The Coachella Valley Weekly
Bryanna Evaro and Mikey Reyes 2015   

Bryanna Evaro and Mikey Reyes 2015